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Eyelash Extensions
Xtreme Lashes® (#1 in USA) 3 hours or more by Consultation
Eyelash Extension Touchup 1 hour by Consultation

Extreme Lashes

XTREME LASHES  Eyelash Extensions (No. 1 in the U.S)

Xtreme Lashes can be seen on top models and celebrities on the Red Carpet, in films, in print and on television.  So completely natural looking, you may never know just who has them on! You too can have the same brand of eyelash extensions that all of Hollywood is raving about!

Eyelash Extensions

  • Semi permanent eyelashes that last up to 2 months with touch ups.
  • Weightless, with a natural look and feel.
  • Painless, relaxing procedure that only takes 60 to 180 minutes.
  • Water resistant so you can swim or shower worry free.
  • Lengthens and thickens without the need for mascara.

What are Xtreme Lashes made of?

Xtreme Lashes are made of synthetic fibers that provide a natural look and feel.  Xtreme Lashes are curved and sized to look as if they were your own.  Choose from various colors including black, dark brown, golden brown, auburn, blue, red, green, pink and purple.

Are Xtreme Lashes safe?

The primary ingredient in our adhesives is the same ingredient used by plastic surgeons in the U.S. for suture-less wound closure (where adhesive is inserted into an open wound).  The procedure is pain-free and will not harm your eyelids or natural lashes.  Xtreme Lashes are never applied directly to your eyelids.

How are Xtreme Lashes applied?

You will recline comfortably with your eyes closed.  An Xtreme Lashes Certified Professional will apply Xtreme Lashes to your individual natural eyelash, one lash to one lash, using a safe, exclusive Xtreme Lashes bonding agent.

How do I prepare for my procedure?

Do not curl your lashes or wear any mascara.  Remove contact lenses and thoroughly clean your lashes with mild, water based cleanser.  Eyelids and lashes must be completely clean and dry.

How long do Xtreme Lashes last?

When properly applied, Xtreme Lashes last for up to two months with touch ups done every 2 to 4 weeks.  A natural lash typically falls out every 60 to 90 days and is replaced with the growth of a new eyelash.  At any given moment, each of your natural eyelashes is at a different stage of its life cycle.  Touch ups will replace the lashes that have completed their life cycle.

Can I apply mascara to Xtreme Lashes?

One of  the primary advantages of Xtreme Lashes is that you won’t need mascara.  However if you want mascara ask your Certified Xtreme Lashes Professional about the specially formulated Xtreme Lashes  Mascara made specifically for eyelash extensions.  DO NOT USE WATER-PROOF MASCARA.

How do I care for Xtreme Lashes?

Your new Xtreme Lashes are long, thick and beautiful!  You can enjoy these lashes with little need to adjust your lifestyle.  They are resistant to water, sweat, and tears.  Swim, shower and exercise worry free.  Ask your Xtreme Lashes salon representative for an After-Care guide for your new Xtreme Lashes.

Contact your local Certified Xtreme Lashes Professional today for an appointment to have your own beautiful set of Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions applied.  Self application is strongly discouraged and may cause damage to the eyes.

Only a licensed beauty or medical professional certified through Xtreme Lashes should apply Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions.  Please ask to see an authentic Xtreme Lashes certificate before having Xtreme Lashes applied.         

Extreme Lashes before and after


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