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Japanese Hair Straightening

Rebonding $500 and up
Touch up $380 and up


Japanese Hair Straightening (also known as Thermal Reconditioning, Thermal Reconstructing or Straight Permanent) was first developed in Japan.  It not only straightens the hair but counters humidity and its effects on hair – namely frizziness and extra volume.   The Japanese Straightening Method improves the softness, lightness (less volume) and shine of your hair when straightened by an experienced stylist using specialized straightening products. Basically what this service does is breaks down the hair to take a new shape (straight).  This is achieved by first perming the hair and then setting the straight hair with a flat iron. The process generally takes 6 hours but can take longer, depending on hair type, length, and thickness, so the price will vary from client to client.  This service is a specialty and only achieves the best results from a stylist who takes their time to do this correctly.  After this procedure, hair is straight, silky and shiny, and it even stays manageable in humidity and during a workout.

Regardless of the reason why you want to have your hair straightened, it is important that you start by understanding that you will be having strong chemicals applied  to your hair and if not done right, permanent damage could occur.  It is highly recommended that you go one-step further and have a professional do the straightening for you! Please keep in mind that when hair has been chemically straightened, it typically requires special care to ensure the hair does not dry out.

Does Japanese Hair Straightening work for everybody?

Yes, to varying degrees.  The tighter your natural curl is, the less dramatic the result is.  However, in almost all cases the result is such that hair is far more manageable and controllable, even African and Asian hair aside from Caucasian hair.

Not everyone is suitable for the treatment.  Before the process, a pre-test to the health of the scalp and the appropriateness of the hair is needed.

How long does Japanese hair straightening last? 

It depends on your hair type, the tightness of your natural curl, and hair length, the outgrowth will need to be treated in six to nine months.  In other words, it’s twice a year.

The procedure usually lasts about four months and the cost varies from $400 and up.  People with very long hair can expect to pay considerably above the price range.

When will I need a retouch?

You can come in for a cold-smoothing retouch when your new growth is 2 inches long.   For a heat-straightening retouch, your new growth must be 4 inches long.  Your stylist will explain the difference and discuss the options with you.

Can I color my hair after it’s been smoothed or straightened?

You can have smoothed or straightened hair and color too (in the case of the cold-smoothing service, on the same day!) Just ask your stylist for a Color Sync Demi-Color or Imprints Color Gloss service.

Japanese hair StraighteningTHINGS YOU CAN DO THE FIRST 2 DAYS

Initially there are some precautionary steps to take to ensure the best straightening possible.

  • You do want to wear your hair down for at least 2 days to allow the product to settle in  your hair.
  • Do use a blow dryer or flat iron as needed (in case hair gets wet during the first two days.


  • Don’t wash your hair for the first time.
  • Do not tie your hair into a ponytail.
  • Do not use hair clips.
  • Do not place your hair behind your ears.
  • Do not exercise or sweat.
  • Do not use hair bands.
  • Do not use your glasses to hold your hair back.
  • Do not use sprays, gel or mouse.
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