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Waxing Services
Bikini Waxing $35 and up
Brazilian / Hollywood Waxing (First time, includes trimming) $95 and up
Brazilian / Hollywood Maintenance $65 and up
Manzilian Waxing - Includes Hair Trimming Front $95
Back $40
Hair Trimming $25


Face Waxing
Face Waxing
Eyebrow design $20 and up
Eyebrow tweeze $20 and up
Brow, lip, chin, sideburns $15 each
Cheeks $25 and up
Neckline $15 and up
Eyelash or Brow Tinting $20 each

Body Waxing
Chest / stomach $35 and up
Bikini $35 and up
First Time Brazilian / Hollywood $95 and up
Brazilian / Hollywood maintenance $65 and up
Manzilian (Front & Back) $135 and up



Leg Waxing
Half leg $40 and up
Full leg $60 and up


Arm Waxing
Underarm $25 and up
Half arm $20 and up
Full arm $35 and up




(By Naomi Torres, About.com)

What is the difference between a Brazilian and Hollywood wax?

The terms have been used interchangeably, but there are differences.  Brazilian waxes often leave a small strip, triangle or oval shape piece of hair in the front, while taking all the hair in between all the way to the back by your bum.  Waxing Hollywood style removes all of the hair, front all the way to the back.

Names are often created at salons and spas so that you know how much you’re paying, and they book the right amount of  time while having an idea of how much hair you’re looking to remove.  Just waxing the bikini line is much less work and doesn’t require as much time or product as waxing all of the hair.  So the price points vary for these different styles.


  1. For women, make your appointment at least a couple days before or after your period.  Most places understandably won’t do a Brazilian or Hollywood while you’re on your period, and waxing hurts a lot more during that time anyway.
  2. Shower and lightly exfoliate your entire bikini area right before your appointment using warm, not hot water.   Make sure you’re extra clean.
  3. Don’t use any lotions in bikini area.
  4. You need some growth for the wax to hold onto, but not too long which can make the waxing hurt more than it needs to.  Let the technician trim hair down to just the right length at your appointment, or follow the salon’s specific instructions for trimming.
  5. Take an aspirin or Tylenol 30 – 45 minutes before your appointment if you’re worried about pain.


  1. Don’t wear tight panties for the next few days.
  2. Keep hands away from touching freshly waxed skin, as this can encourage irritation or small pimples.
  3. Don’t take a hot bath for the rest of the day.
  4. No tanning beds, saunas or steam rooms for the next 2 days.
  5. 2 full days later use a mild exfoliator.  My pick, an Ayate washcloth which gently exfoliates skin alone wet, or can be used with your favorite body wash, but is more mold-resistant than loofahs.
  6. If you get any ingrown hairs try Tend Skin, a huge favorite for getting rid of pesky ingrowns.

Male Waxing (Manzilian) Male Brazilian / Hollywood Waxing:

(Source: Waxing4blokes.com


What do I wear to my treatment?
Loose clothing.   You don't want to irritate your skin more than you have to.  Wear something loose and cottony.  The key is comfort.

Will it stay red for long?
No. Redness resulting from waxing goes within a couple of hours.  If it doesn't, see your physician.

How often do I have to wax?
Every 4-6 weeks.  Your therapist needs at least 5 mm of hair for the wax to adhere to.  Some men go every 3 weeks for a back wax.  Others every 2 months.  The more regular the better.  Young hairs come out easier.

Does the hair ever stop growing?
Yeah! After about 4-6 years of constant waxing
As per the "old people" who used Pumice stones to rub off the hair on their legs before razors became so cheap and safe, hair eventually stops growing.

Do I have to take my clothes off?
You can keep your T-shirt on if you only do the manzilian waxing. 

What if I get an erection?

It's ok if you do because the skin is tighter and it hurts less. Therapists are professionals. They are there to remove the hair from it.
During the waxing procedure, therapists constantly pull the skin tight over the areas they are working on. This ensures the follicles are close to the skin making the procedure easier on you and for them.

NEVER get waxed after you've been in the sun too long!

NEVER perpetuate your problems on others.  If you suspect you contracted something before your appointment, do the right thing and cancel.

Skin conditions?
A therapist will never wax over moles, varicose veins or any funny-looking "things" on your skin.

There are commercial products to help with ingrowns.  Ask you therapist for some. No doubt they'll stock it for you.

Once you start, you never go back to shaving OR your hairy self.

Your Next Visit
Sorry, the hair is going to grow back.  BUT! You'll feel and look great for about 3 weeks at least.
The hair growing back are new and soft.  Waxed hair feels different.
Most guys repeat their visits every 4-6 weeks.  If you go sooner, the hairs are still young and not established, so it tends to be less painful.
Go whenever you're ready.  Just remember that your therapist needs at least 5mm of hair for the wax to adhere to.

Immediate After-Care

PLEASE don't do ANY of the following  things for at least the first 12 hours after your treatment (the next day is better):

-Sunbake ("Suntan" for those who don't know)
-Go to the beach or swim in the sea
-Go in a chlorinated pool
-Hang out in a jacuzzi - you don't know whose beein or done what in that water
-Ditto for a steam bath or sauna - it's hot in there and bacteria just LOVE hot and steamy!
-Use any strong smelling creams or lotions - it might burn
-Beware of condoms and/or lubricants
-Don't have unprotected sex
-Don't Allow any 'body fluids' (other than your own) on your waxed areas

Your follicles are exposed and you are prone to infection!
Would you do these things to an open sore?

Redness & Burning
This settles within a couple of hours after.  If it does not, see your physician.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E cream is VITAL for good skin after waxing.  Get Vitamin E cream and rub it on the waxed areas after every shower...

Your skin will close over your follicles soon after your treatment.  (A follicle is the small tubular cavity containing the root of a hair...for those who don't know)  The hair will start to grow again soon and will want to break through that skin.

Do the following: Get a SOFT brush OR just use an exfoliating mitt.  After soaping up in the shower, GENTLY brush in circular movements over all the waxed areas. Irritating the skin with rough scrubbing will cause you to expose yourself to infection in those no-go areas for longer than you need to.  This will help the hair to break through the skin.  Continue this for a few days and we can practically guarantee no ingrowns.
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